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Traser H3 watches of Switzerland is celebrating their compatriots across the pond in a multi-colored fashion this Basel season. The special Red, White and Blue Shade edition brings the American flag to life on the dial with tritium, or Trigalight, constant-illumination tubes glowing in the same colors.

testimonialsBased on the description Traser provides with the watch, you couldn't be blamed for thinking it was something produced by the American Legion rather than a company based in Bern, Switzerland.

“The American Stars & Stripes symbolize unity and strength. It is a source of inspiration and pride all around the world,” Traser writes. “(The watch) has been chosen to honor as a special edition the colors of the US flag by lighting them up on the dial. The red stands for hardiness and values. White is for purity and innocence and blue stands for vigilance, perseverance and justice.”

At a time when the United States has been described as more divided than any time since the Civil War, a watch designed to honor unity and strength may seem like an unusual choice.  Still, in the light of hopes around Europe that all allegiances stay intact during these turbulent times, it most likely is the best possible moment to remind us of the ties that bind. And not to mention it is an excellent vehicle for Traser to show off the array of colors they offer in tritium-tube technology.

testimonialsThe watch is 45 mm wide, which puts it about average by today’s standards for sport watches. The Swiss quartz movement is surrounded by a stainless steel inner core that then is encased in glass-fiber reinforced resin. There is a bi-directional rotating bezel and the dial is protected by an anti-reflective sapphire crystal.

But the stand-out feature of this, or any Traser watch, are the 14 tritium tubes that provide constant illumination. In this case, red, white and blue illumination. Traser is owned by MB Microtec, which actually manufacturers the tubes. Tritium tubes use radio luminescence in laser-sealed glass tubes where tritium constantly activates the luminous material inside. As a result, the watch does not need “charging” of any kind as is necessary with most other forms of luminous material. Additionally, it won’t fade an hour or so later. The tubes stay constantly lit for visibility in any lighting condition.

Tritium has a half-life of twelve and a half years, so as year 25 approaches they will have lost some of their luster. But they can be replaced.

The watches will retail for XXX