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If you’re reading this magazine you probably already have an appreciation of watches as more than a simple timekeeper. We love our adult toys that tell time for a variety of reasons: style, design, technology, and material - whatever.  Mostly though, I believe we like them for how they look. Sporty or dressy; big and bold or solid gold, the fact that they tell time is only an excuse to buy them. Basically we are adults acting like kids.

Lego’s Buildable Watch

Since you already love watches for what they are, why not let your kids in on the fun?  Wonder Woman, Batman and a host of other kid-cool watches are sure to light up your youngin’s eyes.  And not only are these watches cool for the kids, they can actually adjust and play with them while they learn how to tell time on an analog display. At $25 bucks (or less) you can grab a couple as stocking stuffers or impromptu gifts as a reward for a job well done. Although the packaging is marked as appropriate for ages 6 and up, I wonder if a few more mature fans of collecting might also find their favorite character immortalized in Lego form.

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