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David McCready


Over the past decade things have been changing. About Time is a showcase for new watch manufacturers with great styling, design excellence and customer approval. That may be about to evolve.

Watch What Happens

Up until now there has been an adequate supply of mechanical Swiss movements available to all comers, but over the next year(s) that source of special Swiss Made components such as hair springs and other critical parts will be restricted by the big Swiss supplier to brands only within their group. Many think this will be the demise of these new up-start companies but in fact it provided an economic stimulus for non-Swiss suppliers to compete for these newly abandoned customers.
Swiss Made has the connotation of uncompromised quality. However, as the global supply of skillfully machined materials has grown, many brands that qualify as Swiss Made manufacturers rely upon these new sources of non-Swiss Made components for their own watches. The very fact that by definition, Swiss Made permits substantial sourcing of components from outside of Switzerland has stoked the demand for well-made but non-Swiss components.
Today, the opportunity to acquire a very good timepiece from the likes of those advertised in About Time is nothing short of phenomenal. It is hard to defend a non-solid gold watch over $6000. In defending the high priced watch, it is often inferred that these new manufacturer’s watches do not have a good resale value. Quick analysis… if you purchase a $1500 watch and later decide to sell it for 1/3 of its original value, you still have $500. If you apply that formula to a $6,000 watch, you will only have $2,000 left - if you can find a ready buyer.
In my opinion, we should seek to peel back the layers of fluff and see exactly what we are being asked to pay for.  There are only three categories to consider in pricing a watch: 1st Development and manufacturing costs,  2nd  Distribution cost,  3rd  Advertising and promotional costs.  I challenge the reader to investigate the number of high-end watches produced in Switzerland and compare it with the suggested retail prices published by the manufacturer and go one step further and check the statistics published annually about advertising costs… You will see why big time auto racing, regattas, flight sports, pro golfers and tennis stars add to the price of your watch. Some buyers may want the cachet of owning a specific watch or brand that Ambassador “X” promotes, but the fact is these high profile endorsements and sponsorships don’t come cheap and the cost will always flow downstream to the finished product.
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