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If the now all-too-common retro trend in watches has you looking for a bit more creativity, Jekyll & Hyde watches might be for you.
These watches make no specious claims to a heritage of type or brand, rather they propose a well made, if playful approach to dial design.

The Citizen Promaster has been around for nearly thirty years, and during that time it has garnered the interest of adventurers worldwide for its sturdy construction, admirable safety specs and numerous functions geared toward a variety of fields. Here are some favorites that challenge the imagination and offer just what sports enthusiasts—and professionals—are looking for in the air, on the land or in the sea.  

To say the last twelve months have been a challenging time for Isochron Media is an understatement. The fact is an unusual storm of events came together to stretch our capabilities to the limits - and beyond. A positive but taxing part of this was the (re) acquisition of our luxury watch title iW Magazine. Sadly, another aspect of this depressing deluge was the loss of my Associate publisher, digital/social content manager and friend of 20 years, Stu Hubbard. He was an integral part of our small team and although he cannot be replaced,

Even the most casual reader of About Time has to have noticed that we haven’t published for a while. Firstly, we apologize for this and we are exceedingly pleased to have our first issue in several months in distribution.

No event instills and reminds us of the ephemeral nature of our own humanity than the untimely loss of a friend or family member.  Working and playing together for the last eighteen years, Stu Hubbard was both. Although not related by blood, Stu was like a brother to me. He had a keen wit, a kind heart, and went above and beyond to help his friends with no thought of recompense.

If you were alive two years later, you for sure remember when that challenge was met by the people of East and West Germany. Pramzius, a young micro-brand based in the US is releasing a watch this fall just in time for the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Pramzius successfully funded the watch through pre-orders and Kickstarter.


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