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A look inside the rich archives of this influential watchmaker.
I personally have always loved vintage Movado watches, and after speaking to other vintage watch collectors, my appreciation for this brand is shared by many in community.

Founded in 2013, the designer driven Detroit watch brand (no relation to that “other” Detroit based brand) is celebrating their 6th anniversary this year with their own take on the diver’s type.

The Group B Series 2 Windup Edition is a Worn & Wound boutique exclusive in a new colorway. In contrast to the bright, brushed steel of the normal models, the Windup Edition features a dark titanium gray PVD coating over steel on the bracelet, mid-case, and crown, with the bezel and case back remaining solid titanium.

Coming off the success of their Fall of the Berlin Wall Watch, Pramzius has plans in the works for three new watches to roll out in 2019 and 2020. The follow up watch that is first on deck is a bit surprising as it is a complete departure from the first two models Pramzius successfully produced.

The self-winding watch was unveiled by Junghans to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Bauhaus. 1,000 watches are offered in this limited edition Per Junghans;

Sylvain Dolla, CEO of Hamilton Watch Co., illustrates the relationship that the NAWCC enjoys with the U.S.-native, now Swiss-owned, Hamilton watch brand: “Hamilton is proud to partner with the NAWCC since 2010. Being born in Lancaster, it makes sense for Hamilton to be present at the museum—more than a presence, a true collaboration with the team to work together on many projects. We know we can count on the NAWCC’s Hamilton watches expertise!”


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