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Trigalight is the brand name for the self-illuminating Tritium-filled tubes that need no exposure to light in order to glow. Created by the mb microtec company based in Niederwengen Switzerland, these self illuminating tubes have found homes in a variety of products including gun sights and wristwatches. The subtle and steady glow these tubes create make it a perfect addition for military, police, and other services that need to be able to reference the time under a host of conditions. And although these tubes will glow nearly as bright as when they were manufactured for 20-25 years, they pose absolutely no danger to the user as the low-level radiation is perfectly safe to use and be near.

In the watch industry there have been a variety of brands incorporating the Trigalight tubes into watches of various styles and price points, but mb microtec also has their own house brand using their own technology and are available under the Traser name.

Two new releases from Traser include the Aurora GMT and the Officer Pro Gun Metal.

For the first time in its history, Traser combines its own in-house manufactured self-activated illumination technology trigalight® with SuperLumiNova. The dials of the new Aurora GMT timepieces reveal a metamorphosis of the time display when darkness sets in. As the green glow & blue glow of the SuperLumiNova on the dial gradually fades, the ice blue and verdant green glow of the gleaming trigalight® becomes more prominent for unfailing legibility regardless of the available ambient light. The revolutionary trigalight®-hairlight tube is deployed for the first time in the new Aurora GMT watches. These miniscule glass capillaries glow in an array of amazing colors reminiscent of the polar lights and each tube has an exterior diameter of 0.3 mm and a microscopically tiny interior diameter of just 0.15 mm– roughly equal to the diameter of a human hair.

Similar to the Aurora, when first darkened, the entire dial of the OFFICER PRO GUN METAL shines with its lime color and green glass gasket. As time goes by, the dial’s color and the gasket start to fade as the photons captured by the Super Luminova’s exposure to light wane. The effect is like raising the curtain in a theatre: the dial now becomes the perfect stage for the 17 Trigalight® self illuminating tubes inserted in the hour markers, the hands, and beneath the logo step to the fore until only the Trigalight® tubes can be seen as they emit unfading light throughout the night.

Both versions sport 42 mm stainless steel cases rated to 10atm, both have sapphire crystals and a Swiss quartz movement within. All in all a great watch design and construction starting at $395. www.traserwatchesusa.com